About Us

Operation Hope is a faith-based ecumenical, 501c3 non-profit, outreach ministry. We have a wonderful board made up of seven Landrum citizens, a paid director, faithful volunteers, and many supporting churches.

The Operation Hope Board prayerfully worked through evaluating and re-determining the mission, vision and purpose of Operation Hope. In October  2018, the board hired our new director, Susan Tompkins.

Susan brings much excitement, vision, focus and passion to Operation Hope. In just a short time, Operation Hope is yet again a vibrant, active and community-engaged ministry with programs, services and other opportunities created to not only financially assist people in times of need but to also equip and nurture citizens to be the best they can be.

Susan is passionate about helping others through prayer and “a hand up not a hand out,” and believes God has called her to the ministry of Operation Hope.

We strive to bring glory to God in all we do as we live into what we believe God is calling and guiding this ministry to be for our neighbors.

Landrum-area churches began Operation Hope in a rented building on North Trade St. in June 1992. The following year, partnering churches purchased the current store front property on 206 Rutherford St. with the purpose and mission off assisting Landrum-area citizens in times of need.We are always seeking volunteers to serve in the various ministries God places on their heart. Volunteers can be in the shape of individuals, families, youth groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, churches, schools, businesses, etc.

We look forward to seeing how God will work through Operation Hope for the betterment of His Kingdom.